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Kehillas Derech Chaim

Shul-Wide Siyum on Maseches Pesachim

As a זכות for this difficult time we are all in, we are trying to come together as a unified ציבור and complete מסכת פסחים before Yom Tov. 
Below is a google doc with a sign-up sheet. There is a total of 121 blatt. Everyone is encouraged to take as many as they are comfortable with. 
                                                          Sign Up 
Please add your name to the document. Additionally, when you have completed your דף please mark the sheet accordingly. 
May this be a זכות for us and all of כלל ישראל. 

Mechiras Chometz

All mechiras chometz this year will be done via email. Please fill out the form (including date, signature and cell phone number) and return to the Rav by emailing by April 6th.
(It is recommended that you hold on to the original shtar until after pesach). 
If for some reason you are unable to use the email option, please call or text the Rav directly (at 4438542217) to work out a different option. 

Shiurim - Pesach

Sugya of the Daf

Chaburah - Maseches Niddah

נדה דף ז' ע"ב

Kehillas Derech Chaim


We are a relatively young shul, led by Rav Pinchas Gross Shlit”a.

Our Shul currently has over 170 member families, having experienced very rapid growth over the past 3 years.

We currently offer minyanim on Shabbos and Yomim Tovim, as well as a full time night seder program, nightly maariv, and anticipate further weekday minyanim, learning sedarim and programming in the coming months.

Please feel free to join us for davening or for one of our shiurim to experience the warmth, ruchnius and Torah that our Kehillah is so proud of.

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 Ner Lamaor

Ner Lamaor Pledges can be filled here.

Sun, April 5 2020 11 Nisan 5780