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Location, location, location.

04/02/2019 10:13:53 PM


The shul has "purchased" (see below) 6603 and 6605 Pimlico Rd, 21209.  Visually, that's these two houses:

These two houses

Why "purchased" and not just purchased?  Well, at the time of this writing, only 6605 has been closed,  6603 is under contract, but not yet closed.  

So why that location?

The goal of the search committee was to find a location that would be as convenient as possible for as many of our members as possible.   As it turns out, the actual midpoint of our all of our members who own houses (as determined using the "Center of Minimum Distance Method") is that little grassy area on the intersection between Pimlico, Green Meadow, and Willow Glen where everyone does tashlich:

Midpoint of MembersRed: Members, Green: New Property, Purple: Midpoint   (Note that location points are slightly approximate)

The new properties are about as close to that midpoint as could be achieved.  

Beyond distance, of course, there were a variety of other thoughts that played into this choice including, traffic patterns, potential parking solutions, projected community growth vectors, and a number of other factors all making these properties the best available choice.  

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